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Google implemented a 1M USD program in Latin America to train outcast populations technologically

Mexico City, February 25, 2015.– Latin America is the region in the world where the number of Internet users grows faster; it’s expected that in 2017 the amount of people with access to the Web will reach 394 millions. But, how can we male the most of it? how this number can help improving people’s lifestyle?

Through programs of digital literacy training and development of digital skills, people can make the most from the advantages of the Web and turn it on job source. This way, they will not only create their own jobs, but also they will contribute on the economic development of the region.

For this reason, Google started an ambitious investment program of 1 million dollars, in collaboration with some of the most important NGOs of the region and the support of Google.org, to educate digitally the most needed communities of Argentina, Colombia and Mexico, with an special focus on women and teenagers.

Google Local Love

The programs implemented in every country will have a different focus and target populations, taking in account the diversity of local realities:

  • With Crea, in Mexico, they will focus on microenterprising women, helping them to use the Web to maximize their businesses.

  • In Argentina, they will support ComunidadIT, that offers teenagers intensive classes about coding and attitudinal issues, guiding graduates in the process of getting a job.

  • In Colombia they ally with Colnodo to give teenagers who live in disadvantaged zones training on digital skills that may be the key to find a job.

Through this initiative, the company wishes to reach more than 10,000 people. And to go even further, once Comunidad IT, Colnodo and Crea design successful pilots, the objective is to escalate them and share them with other local institutions – and in the final instance provide with information about public policies and programs for social inclusion and the economic growth in all Latin America.

Google wishes to work together to build a huge spring to the growth where anyone could play.

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