Google Non-Profit arrives to Mexico and Chile!

Mexico City, February 26, 2015.– Google is convinced of the potential Internet has to help the increasing community in Latin America of non-profit organizations dedicated to unmeasurable causes, from protecting flora and fauna on the region to bring the necessary resources to outcast zones.

Organizations such as Vifac, who have used technology to help more than 2,000 women in a vulnerable state to have safe and healthy pregnancies, or Mexico’s Flora, Fauna and Culture, who launched a digital campaign Save your Nest to create conscience about the extinction danger of sea turtles and the work needed for their conservation.

Because of this, Google announces its collaboration with the global network of non-governmental organizations TechSoup Global and its local partners Cemefi and CDI Chile, to bring Google Non-profit to Latina America, starting with Mexico and Chile.

Google Non Profit

Through Google Non-profit it isn’t necessary to ask for each Google product individually: they can subscribe to the program to access all the solutions together. Once they are approved be part of it, the organizations will have access to a suite of products focused on their needs, including: up to USD$10,000 monthly on AdWords digital advertising to reach more donators, free Google Apps (or with a discount) to decrease their operation costs and to increase their efficiency, special features inside YouTube (YouTube for Nonprofits) and Google’s mapping technology (Google Earth Outreach) to make their cause known.

Also, Google released online resources such as educational videos, best practice cases and the best ways to connect with other organizations with the same goals. Furthermore, the company allied with Wingu, an organization with a huge knowledge about the technology needs applied to this sector. They will work with them to give support, training and advice to the organizations that wish to incorporate these products to reach their mission.

In Google each day inspires the actions that bring further non-profit organizations, as well as positive changes that they make in the world and the company expects to support their work. If you work on a non-profit organization, you can apply today to see in which way they can help you to increase your impact and reach.

About Google Inc.

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